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Brian Yoon


PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide tutoring over the summer. Our tutoring services will resume when the fall semester begins.

Matched tutoring is a weekly commitment. Tutoring is most beneficial if you work regularly, not just the night before an exam.

College tutoring is not a "remedial" service, but is intended to help successful high school students adjust to university-level courses. Work to understand the course material prior to meeting with the tutor. The tutor's function is to help you identify study strategies that work for you, not to teach the course. Have your textbook, class notes, and previous quizzes with you during your tutoring meetings.

In addition to tutoring, our center also offers four different Study Skills one-on-one coaching sessions you may find helpful. The topics covered in these one-time one hour meetings are: Time Management, Textbook Study Strategies, Lecture Note-taking, and Test Taking Techniques. These study skills sessions can be useful in helping you adjust to the general study habits needed to be successful in college. They are especially helpful for courses which require a lot of reading and for which we do not provide tutoring.

If this is your first time using TutorTrac, please log in with your NetID as your username and your 9-digit UIN as your password.

  • In the box labeled Student Options: Click "Search Availability".
  • Choose a center (only 1 choice)
  • and then choose a section (course) from the drop-down menu. Click "Search".
  • To delete a tutoring assignment or cancel an individual appointment, please contact your tutor directly.



Monday 12-3pm

Tuesday 11am - 5pm

Wednesday 11am - 2pm

Thursday 11am - 1pm


Thursday, May 5, 3-5pm

Friday, May 6, 3-5pm

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday 1-4pm

We are located in the Gregory Place I Building at 1103 W. Oregon Street in Urbana. It is on the corner of Gregory and Oregon Streets. Our entrance faces the back of the building.

If you will need disability-related accommodations in order to participate, please email us at omsa-asc@illinois.edu.

Our office hours are Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. until 8 p.m. and Fridays 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. You may reach us by calling (217) 333-7547 or emailing us at omsa-asc@illinois.edu.